1. How do I determine if the LCD is original or Afermarket?


  All original lcd have an apple logo on the flex cable Afermarket does not.

  All original LCD have an apple logo by the home button except the X series.

  All original lcd have a greenish tint around the camera area on the glass.

  Recycled LCD will have similar marks like original however the logo will be covered.







2. What is the process?


  Customer must count, seperate (original vs Aftermarket) and test there lcd before shipment.

  Request a free shipping label. Package it properly (read the instructions below).

  Once we receive, we verify the count and grade the LCD.

  Between 4-24 hr turn around depending on the qty.

  Email the test report to the customer.

  Upon approval apply credit to the customers wallet.



3. How do I package my shipment of LCD properly?

  Please use the chatline to get help. Follow the youtube vid below or read the instructions below.

  Items needed: Bubble wrap or bubble sleeves, 6x6x6 or 8x8x8 most commonly used box, packing tape.      (all available on the site).

  Seperate the LCD by model.

  Put the LCD back to back. 

  Wrap it in the the bubble wrap or insert it in the sleeve.

  Make sure the cable is facing up or tucked in. Critical.

  Use a box to pack it snug to where there is no movement and enough padding to sustain any minor misshandeling.

  Drop a packinglist with name, address, contact number and count breakdown inside the box.

  Tape it nicely shut.

  Mark the box fragile.

  Drop off at the nearest shipping company determine by the label.



4. The grading difference


Each grade is scored from a reuse prospective: so ask yourself if my customer would want this LCD (the one you are grading) on his/her phone if yes or no and would they ask for a discount depending on the condition.


  Grade A - Fully Functional Original Screen

  Grade A - Fully Functional Original Screen with Small Dead pixels ,Dust or Yellow Screen

  Grade B - Fully Functional OEM Screens with 3D Issues,big color marks ,touch issues & stars,splash screens, Fully Functional OEM Screens with 3D Issues,big color marks ,touch issues &

        stars,splash screens

  Grade B - Fully Functional OEM Screens with Mixed issues like big color marks ,touch issues & stars,splash screens,Fully Functional OEM Screens with middle color marks in white

       background or big color marks

  Grade C - Bad LCD,Bad Glass, but with good flex cable & IC, no Touch or flex issue (Screen will flash when you shake the flex cable gently)

  Iphone X LCD screen is slightly different in grading

  Grade A grade means fully functional screen, nice and bright zero DP OEM

  Grade A - Fully functional with small shadows OEM

  Grade B - Fully functional with slight discolor OEM

  Grade B - fully functional small DP OEM D Grade means heavy shadowS)

  Grade C Broken Glass & LCD -  Bad LCD and glass with good flex cable & IC,Bad Icor flex cable will be zero value.






5. What if I want cash instead of credit?


  We do not offer cash.

  Most companies who offer cash will manipulate the grading and only give partial credit.









6. I am getting more credit somewhere else can you match?


  Yes we can, however the grading factor has to be determined before matching.








7. I want my LCD shipped back?


  Each batch sits for 12 hrs, absolutley we can do that.

  Customer would have to pay for to and from shipment cost.