MiTecShop is a multi-range international online retailer/distributor & service provider since 2007. Headquartered in the United States, we specialize in new, used, and refurbished consumer electronics, repair parts, IT equipment and more. We Also offer a wide range of consumer/business services for example: Mail in/onsite repair services (LCD, Battery, charging port and motherboard repair) for cell phones, tablets, laptops, and more. We also offer EPA standard electronics recycling, data destruction, IT liquidation and asset recovery services for all business members. MiTecShop is the leading online dealer/service provider committed to becoming the most trusted marketplace on the web by offering a wide range of secure/economical solutions and products, without jeopardizing stringent quality control and ensuring environmentally safe procession.




Our innovative website brings quality items and services to both individual and business members. We pride ourselves in offering only the unmatched quality, best price, fast shipping, and excellent customer service. Our obsession with quality and environmentally safe solutions give us an extreme advantage over our competitors, which in return gives us the ability to price the inventory competitively without degrading the quality and unmatched customer service.


We want to grow by helping others and that’s why we invest our profits right back into our business and are continuously trying to procure volume and quality of trending items. By adding various avenues of customer interaction/solutions allows us to gain your trust, so you can become part of our heritage. Most companies just focus on sales, but here at MTS we are not satisfied until you become part of our tradition. By providing tutorials and “how-to” access via live chat sessions with qualified tech's or “how-to” YouTube clips we deliver credibility to our company, our products and our customers.