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Cracked Cell Phone Screen Blog

What to do when you get a cracked cell phone screen?

 One of the most beloved tools an extension to our lives, our cell phones -. For the sake of keeping this blog post lean yet insightful, we will discuss the most common and critical damages to a cell phone and what most people do when and if that occurs.

The most common damage which occurs to a cell phone is a cracked screen or cracked LCD.

This is an overview on how you can safeguard from cracking your cell phone screen, what to do if you get a cracked cell phone screen for example take it to a Cracked Cell Phone Screen Repair store, expected charges for cell phone screen replacement, as a customer what you should know when trying to settle on a Cracked Cell Phone Screen Repair shop. ( This is an insight from 20 years of experience in the industry). The blog covers a broad range of “what to do”, so lets get started.

Proactive approach.

You can stay proactive before your screen cracks. First: be smart about it and get insurance on your cell phone. Whether you purchase it from a carrier, manufacturer, Amazon, Mecrari, official store, or a second-hand alternative. It is easy to purchase insurance, specially on new phones. Ask the sales representative or company about the insurance formalities and add it while purchasing the phone. Pre-owned cell phone insurance was a challenge at one point, but now there are ample solutions.  To name a few:

  • Mobilio

  • Warranty Life

  • SquareTrade

How to prevent the screen from cracking?

  • Cell phone case or a cell phone protector that covers the front corners and entire back with TPU material. Make sure your phone is sitting inside (like a cradle) a 3rd of an inch. Be sure to understand how it goes on and off. For hygiene reasons, be sure to take it off every month and wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol. Good case cost is starting at $10 as high as $50. My recommendation, If it is exceeding $15 ask for the warranty aspects of the case also if it is $50 plus be sure to ask the Cracked Cell Phone Screen Repair store if it includes insurance or some sort of free replacement warranty. 


  • Glass protector. Too many to count and the Chinese knockoffs have flooded this market. It is better to have it than not but, be sure to get one that covers most of the screen and make sure it is suitable for your cell phone case. Composite style glass protectors (mixture of rubber and glass, kind of like a windshield) are great. Just like the price of a case, $10 is common but when it exceeds $15 you must start asking about a warranty and or guarantee. If you are getting your phone repaired and you are nice to the repair tech, ask them to throw in a free glass protector. 

  • Stay proactive against accidental damage - Accidental damage to a cell phone screen most commonly occurs when it is in our hands. Try to use a hands-free set or wireless Bluetooth. A hands-free set lowers the possibility of a cracked cell phone screen by limiting exposure. Yes, it may look as if you are talking to yourself or grab a stranger’s attention only to have them realize you are on your hands-free, but the benefits outweigh the cost and comfort of having freehands! According to the Cracked Cell Phone Screen Repair shops, the major cause behind the damage is an accidental slip of the phone from pocket or hand. Keep the odds slim by using wireless or wired hands-free set. 

  • Liquid screen protector - Just like any industry evolution or revision, the cell phone protector market has gone through its evolution as well. Instead of a glass protector or a bulky case, you can opt for a liquid protector. Liquid cell phone protectors made of silicon dioxide or silica which is used in food and microelectronics for more on silicone dioxide read this article: 

Our review on liquid protector

We have used it and it works to an extent, but just like anything else there are a lot of knockoffs, and it is not a permanent solution or the IT solution. Expect price variations with this liquid protector starting at $10 - $60. If you are finding yourself paying more than $15 ask about the warranty and or guarantee and be sure to have it in writing. Also, avoid shops that charge purchase prices for one application.

What to do when you get a cracked cell phone screen

You have taken all the precaution to prevent damage to your precious cell phone but sometimes it is not enough, and your cell phone slips out of your hand, and you get a cracked cell phone screen or damage you cannot explain for example tension on the screen leading to a pressure crack (A crack which is internal, cause by pressure or a drop on the carpet. This type of damage will not show any obvious sign of damage i.e., cracked cell phone screen)

Basic Edicate Cell Phone Repair Shop Selection.

If you are not a professional in repairing a phone, do not DIY replace the screen. We recommend taking your cell phone to a professional tech like We also recommend checking reviews on GOOGLE before selecting the professional tech.

iPhone VS Samsung Cracked screen repair cost compasirion:

The factors which dicate the cost of repair for major cell phone brand names are:

  • Cost of the part.
  • Turn around 

Apple iPhones

iPhones 5 - iPhone 8 Plus quality screen cost like the MX11 brand is between $15 - $45

iPhone x - iPhone 12 series quality screen cost can range from $70 - $350

  • Price range to repair screen iPhone 5 - iPhone 8 Plus : $50 - $100
  • Price range to repair screen iPhone x - iPhone 12 Pro Max : $150 - $399

The reason for such a dramatic price hike are several reason:

  • iPhone 5 - iPhone 8 plus were utilizing LCD panel. Very common therefore cheaper cost.

Just like the price points of the Apple iPhone screens, it is easier to repair an Apple iPhone cracked screen therefore turn around time is shorter. AVG. turn around time 30 min - 1 hr.

Screen resolution range, Apple iPhone 5: 1136 x 640 - iPhone 8 Plus: 1334×750.

  • iPhone x - iPhone 12 series Apple switched to LED panel which is mush higher quality, uncommon therefore higher price. (iPhone XR still Uses high res LCD) 

Screen resolution range, Apple iPhone x: 2436×1125 AMOLED - iPhone 12 Pro Max: 1284x2778 AMOLED.


Samsung Galaxy

Samsung on the other hand has always used premium screen for its cell phones and you will notice the price points as you read furthur. Since Galaxy S back in 2009-2010 Samsung used AMOLED, 480x800 Super AMOLED. When it comes to price comparision, Samsung cell phones has a massive list, but to keep this blog resonalbly short yet insightful we are going to use the models still in common use.

Galaxy S8 - Galaxy S10 AMOLED screen cost range: $150 - $199

  • Price range to repair S8 - S10: $199 - $249.99

Galaxy Note 8 - Galaxy Note 10 AMOLED + QHD screen cost rage: $150 - $250

  • Price range to repair Note 8 - Note10: $199 - $299.99

Galaxy S20 - Galaxy S21 series AMOLED screen price range: $200 - $250

  • Price range to repair S20 - S21: $275 - $320

Galaxy Note 20 AMOLED screen price range: $250 - $350

  • Price range to repair Note 20:  $300 - $450

AMOLED screen resolution range: Galaxy S8: 1440x2960 resolution - Galaxy S10: 2280 x 1080

AMOLED + QHD screen resolution range: Galaxy Note 8: 2960 x 1440  resolution - Galaxy Note10: 2280 x 1080

Dynamic AMOLED screen resolution range Galaxy S20: 3200 x 1440 resolution - Galaxy S21: 2400 x 1080 resolution

Super AMOLED screen resolution Galaxy Note 20: 2400 x 1080 resolution.

Just like the price points of the Samsung AMOLED screens, it is harder to repair a Samsung cracked screen therefore turn around time is longer. AVG turn around time 1-3 hours.

As you can see high res screen like AMOLED are clearly at a higher cost, but as once upon a time LCD screens were costly and a wide adaptation caused the price to plummet, expect the same with the super AMOLED screens as well, however expect the higher price points to last longer for the AMOLED screens only because of trade wars, COVID-19 and material shortage.

You can always consult MiTec Shop - Cracked Cell Phone Screen Repair shop.

Few things to keep in mind before handing your device to the Cracked Cell Phone Screen Repair shop?

  • Create a Full Backup

  • Do not leave a sim card in your device. 

  • Do not Remove passcode.

  • Explain in detail the problem you are experiencing with the cell phone.

If all else fails, you can always rely on a comprehensive service at MiTec Shop Reston. With wide range of service options MiTec Shop Reston aims to please. 

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