Masub Munawwar May 10 2020

This Too Shall Pass, But Let's Not Get Stuck With a Broken Cell Phone

'Unprecedented' seems to be the favorite word in these times. It has been used in all forms of media to describe the events surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic. For centuries, though, there has been one crisis or another that crops up to affect our daily lives. 'This Too Shall Pass,' has become a slogan of many to help us deal with each event.

As you go through the numerous changes to your daily life with the effects of the coronavirus, such as restaurants closing, grocery supplies depleting, and changes in your work environment, there is one issue you do not have to live with. You do not have to be stuck with a broken cell phone!

Repairing Cell Phones

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new trend in cell phones is having them repaired rather than replaced. Services, such as MiTecShop mobile repair services in Sterling, are popping up across the country, offering cell phone users options for having a working phone.

These services are bringing hope to cell phone users trying to nurse the usage of their device with a broken screen, or a worn-out battery. The trend has now changed from buying it, using it, breaking it, tossing it, and repeating, to a trend that encourages repairs and continued use of cellular devices.

Why Use a Cell Phone Repair Service?

When you buy a new smartphone, you are more than likely given a limited manufacturer's warranty. If a problem occurs which the warranty covers, it will involve sending your phone off for repairs, leaving you without a phone for an unknown number of days. A cell phone repair service, such as MiTecShop - our Apple iPhone repair store near Herndon - is a better option as you will learn right away what to expect with a repair in terms of possibilities, cost, and length of time.

When your cell phone stops functioning the way it was designed to, and begins having issues with its performance, your first thought may be that you need a new phone. This thought comes with the worry about all the data and pictures you've stored on the device since it was purchased. For this reason, having your cell phone repaired becomes a better option than replacing it and having to start all over with a new one. The same goes for laptops and tablets as they too are better to have repaired, rather than replaced, and worry about lost data.

Cell Phone Repair Service Continues in an Upward Trend

The cell phone repair industry is going to continue on an upward trend as more and more consumers realize repairs are more convenient and economical than replacing smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Some of the common issues that are brought to cell phone repair services include cracked screens, damaged speakers, malfunctioning power ports, and broken casings.

Even though we are living through one of history's worst global crises, you don't have to suffer through it with a broken cell phone. There have been too many other aspects of 'normal' living routines disrupted, but having a broken cell phone does not have to be one of them. Contact MiTec Shop, Leesburg’s best iphone repair service, and learn how you can restore your cell phone today!

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