Everything wonderful in life has a beginning, a history filled with lessons which transition to pillars which in time are carried on to transform into what's called heritage.

The seed for MiTecShop's heritage was planted back in 2007 when our CEO Saab Munawar stood up against everything that was wrong in the wireless and consumer electronics industry and started his own business.

He knew early on that without quality product and whole hearted customer service there is no sustainability, without a warm place for customers to come and visit, to touch and interact with the latest consumer gadgets, there is no growth and without a qualified team to teach each customer about the latest gadgets the doors will close early forever. From that day to this day the procession of those values have been engraved into each team member so we can deliver high quality and exceptional customer service with every transaction.

Now the company has satisfied customers across the globe who can attest to our vast knowledge, impeccable quality and red carpet customer service.