Our Process:

Each device goes through an intense grading and testing process before it is deemed sellable. 60+ point inspection and grading before sale and before shipment.

Step 1. Data Security: All devices are procured from certified approved vendors.

All devices are DOD wiped through a software process (Phone Check).

Step 2. Indepth testing: Mother Board | Battery | Sound | Ports | Cameras | Heat sensor

Bluetooth | WiFi | Sensors | Touch adaptation.

Step 3. Physical Grading:  All inbound equipment goes through a physical grading. Click Here to view our grading scale chart.


Step 4. Packaging: After all the work put into our major process and then to have sloppy presentation is insulting and lazy. Here at MiTecShop we do not cut corners. Presentation is one of the key elements. The device is nicely packaged in a non branded box, along with necessary items.

Step 5. Inventory: in or to provid accurate inventory availablity and warranty all equipment is tagged and uploaded into our POS (Square).