We figure the more options our clients have to process their payments, the happier they’ll be. So far, the logic checks out. We’re happy to provide a variety of payment options to make shopping with us as easy as could be.




Credit Card

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), and can process credit card orders instantly. Credit          card is by far the most common form of payment. All credit card payments are processed through our secure ordering software with guaranteed security. During checkout, you have the option to save your card on file for future purchases. (not for international clients)




We now accept PayPal; simply select the PayPal payment option during checkout and you will be able re-directed to their site to get the payment processed safely and securely. Want an invoice from PayPal sent to you? Please contact us and we can request a payment Invoice for your order. (not for international clients)



Check On Delivery

We offer the option to our customers to do UPS/USPS C.O.D in which the customer only pays when they receive their product. UPS/USPS/FedEx 's drivers bring the package to your door step. At which point the customer has the option to inspect the goods, if at any points he wants to reject the package he does not have to pay. This gives you options to collect funds before the delivery time frame without paying upfront for your order. It is one of the easiest and most trust worthy way to do business with MiTecShop. (not for international clients)



Wire Transfer

For our business members we have the preferred option of payment via wire transfer. Once the goods have been inspected and ready to load, we will confirm the wire and ship/load the container. Wire Transfer is the preferred way for all international transactions.




This method has made a tremendous impact to our cash flow as well as our customers. Behalf is a factor/finance company which allows you to purchase now and pay later. It is specifically designed to help small business owners grow. This method is only for US based business members. (not for international clients)




Smart Pay

Imagine having financial power to purchase what you like without having to worry about paying immediately. Smart Pay has come up with a transparent way to allow everyday member to have the purchasing power with one simple click. Simply put: buy now pay later without any hidden fees. This method is for US members only. (not for international clients)